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Pain and Health Care Pain is a critical problem in health care. It affects millions of individuals, costs billions of dollars, and is a major cause of suffering for patients. We have very little understanding of changes that occur in the brain when an individual is in pain.  Therefore, many pain conditions – particularly those

Yoga as a Treatment for Migraines: Does it Help?

Search “yoga and migraines” on the internet and you will see thousands of web pages appear instantly. Each page illustrates various physical poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation methods that you can use to relieve migraine pain. Using yoga as a means to manage chronic pain is not a new idea. But what does the research

Honing in on Headaches: The American Headache Society Conference

Members of our lab, including Sophie Wilcox and research assistant alumna Allison Ludwick, attended the 59th annual conference for the American Headache Society to present ongoing research on pediatric and adult headaches. Lab collaborators from the Boston Children’s Hospital Headache Clinic, including Dr. Alyssa Lebel, nurse practitioner Victoria Karian, and clinic members Jonathan Rabner, Olivia Bou, and

Examining Childhood Spinal Cord Disease Through a New Lens

When neurologist Dr. H.C. Bastain first introduced transverse myelitis to the medical world in 1882, he described it as a “softening of the spinal cord.” He presented the autopsy findings of several patients who had already succumbed to spinal cord disease and concluded that the patients had died in one of two ways: either from a stroke in the spinal cord,

Ankle Sprain

Study Goals We are interested in tracking how the brains and nerves of people with ankle injuries develop over time. This information may lead to a better understanding of the neurological consequences of neuropathic pain, or chronic pain where nerve fibers have been damaged from an injury.  This study may lead to more knowledge on

Post-Traumatic Headaches

Study Goals The goal of this research study is to compare concussion patients who recover quickly from post-traumatic headaches, patients who do not recover quickly from post-traumatic headaches and healthy controls. Headaches are one of the most common concussion symptoms and yet very little is known about how they manifest and effective treatment models. This