Effect of Anesthesia

Study Goals

We are interested in the effect of anesthesia on the brain. Specifically, we aim to further our understanding of anesthesia and its role in pain and the brain. To do this, we are analyzing any neurological changes that may occur before and after ear and throat surgery. This information may lead to better treatments for future patients.

Our Approach

We are using a variety of brain imaging MRI techniques to measure changes in brain structure and function before and after surgery and anesthesia.

Eligibility to Participate

Seeking 7-25 year olds scheduled for ear or throat surgery at the Boston Children’s Hospital and generally healthy. Healthy 7-26 year old individuals that will not undergo a surgery are also eligible to participate in the control group of the study.

Study Visit Overview

Study visit takes place at Boston Children’s Hospital in Waltham (9 Hope Avenue). The study will involve three visits of approximately two hours. Study visits include:
  1. Survey completion (~30 minutes)
  2. Brain MRI scan (~1 hour)


Participants will receive a $50 gift card for the first study session, $100 for the second, and $100 for the third. They will also receive a CD with picture of their brain from the MRI scan.


This study is supported by the Cathedral Foundation.


To learn more about this study, please contact Osaruese Odeh at [email protected]