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Examining Childhood Spinal Cord Disease Through a New Lens

When neurologist Dr. H.C. Bastain first introduced transverse myelitis to the medical world in 1882, he described it as a “softening of the spinal cord.” He presented the autopsy findings of several patients who had already succumbed to spinal cord disease and concluded that the patients had died in one of two ways: either from a stroke in the spinal cord,

Top 10 Neuroscience Acronyms Explained

Science articles use lots of difficult words to explain very complicated concepts. Neuroscience publications are a perfect example of the intricate nature of scientific research – there are numerous methods used to look at the brain and even more variables that contribute to brain function. Here is a list of 10 top neuroscience acronyms that can help you unscramble those daunting

Behind all the Clanking and Buzzing of an MRI

An MRI image looks complex, sophisticated, and almost science fiction. When a physician is carefully examining an MRI image, you have to wonder what they are searching for in all of those highly contrasted black and white shapes. They may be examining your shoulder, or your spine, or your brain. Exactly what is the foundation to